"What moved me to create Takes On Life was neither self interest nor ambition, but obedience to the art, tradition, my masters and students. After the disbandment of the Blue Line, I left full time performing to concentrate on classical piano and building a teaching practice. Through my work I was reminded of how music that endures is concerned with expressing a deeper reality. I began witnessing the de-structuring of the music industry and noticed how much of what is created today encourages a kind of separatism.

This led me to embrace an earlier ideal; music allows us to enter a dimension where spirit and the physical world meet. It should reflect the divine nature of both and bring the listener to experience that they are one and the same. As for the music: thus far, kids love it, teenagers think it's 'pretty cool', parents and grandparents love it. I was deeply gratified to discover this music speaks across generations. Music has the power to encourage tolerance and yield enlightenment. It should reflect the beauty of who we are and suggest what we might become."

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