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Takes On Life CD5CM 001 Takes On Life Audio CD

Premier Release: TAKES ON LIFE.

Bill Boublitz returns with new music and a new band. Includes nine tracks (51 minutes), featuring Bill Boublitz: piano, Tom Brechtlein: drums, John Leonard: bass, Bruce Swaim: saxophones. This is music that celebrates life. Upbeat, great grooves, melodic writing and playing recall an era when jazz was accessible and enjoyed a wide market share.

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First Impression
This CD is great! My first impression was that it touches every mood. Bill and the group play just the right variety of music to keep you interested every step of the way. One gets the sense that Takes on Life could be about anyone's life.
John Doane
Real, Moving, Inspiring

"Bill, I've listened to the album on the way home last evening, on my way into work this morning, throughout my day at work through headphones, and now, at home, with a cold beverage. And I must say, if these are "takes on life", well it must be one beautiful life. This music is gorgeous, real, moving and inspiring. This is not merely a collection of songs - it's an album.

Seriously, this stuff has to be heard live. I sincerely hope you guys get the opportunity to take this music out to the people around the country, the world even, if possible. I know this has been a labor of love for several years now. All your hard work paid off, because this is amazing!"
Brad Selle